Writing Competitions for Aspiring Authors

Hey everyone!

I haven’t uploaded anything in about two weeks because I’ve been busy preparing for two of the most amazing competitions that the twitter-sphere has to offer. Both competitions, #PitchtoPublication and #Pg70Pit, were held within the past week. Next month, there will be another competition as well. For those of you that don’t know, these contests are made specifically for aspiring authors like myself.

“PitchtoPublication” helps authors gain traction by allowing the authors to submit — a synopsis, small questionnaire, and basic novel information — to a select group of editors. You are allowed to pick the editors that you query, however, you can only choose five out of the 15-20. Once sent, the editors dwindle down 100 entries to three candidates. Each of the three authors chosen will eventually settle on their top choice. The editors first choice will be edited FOR FREE until the novel is ready to move forward in the publishing process. Once there, agents will be allowed to sign the author. At that point, publishers will be able to sign the book to a book deal. Book Deal = The Dream

“Pg70Pit” avoids the traditional route of trying to obtain a literary agent by taking a completely new approach. Based on the McLuhan Test, it has been determined that the 70th page of a novel is precisely far enough into the story that a reader can determine the novel’s worth. It’s convenient because authors that have struggled to reach agents in the past, will have different ways to get noticed. If chosen, agents can pursue the author that has peeked enough interest to warrant a request for a partial or maybe even, full manuscript.

If you missed out on these opportunities, it’s alright! Another writing competition is coming up soon.

Aspiring authors should check out #PitchWars, which is held on August 17. The website — http://www.brenda-drake/pitch-wars — says “Pitch Wars is a contest where published/agented authors, editors, or industry interns choose one writer each, read their entire manuscript, and offer suggestions to shine it up for agents.”

Good luck to all those authors out there that are trying to be heard. Keep working hard and in the mean time, if you’ve submitted to one of these competitions already, I’d love to hear about your novel. You can comment below or email me at mmerch2@gmail.com !! Thanks and good luck!


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